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Turbo Charge your Swing

“For the first time ever, FEEL what makes a great golf swing!”

Do you hit the ball really well one day only to hit it terribly the next? Ever taken lessons but the same old habits return?

For all the tips, pictures and videos in the world, none of them permit you to FEEL the swing employed by professional golfers. But Swing Eagle does.

Swing Eagle guides your hands and golf club on the ideal swing path and with just 1 minute of daily training, recalibrates your brain and body to change your swing to the Pro swing.

The trainer is suitable for BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT-HANDERS. The only difference being that left handers simply install a left-handed club!

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Did you know the club head of your driver travels 17 metres (56ft”) in 1.4 seconds at an impact speed of over 150km/hr during the backswing, downswing and follow through of a single golf swing? The human brain is not capable of processing all of this, most of which will be new, in 1.4 seconds. What it can process and learn is when you can FEEL it in slow time, and one step at a time.

Three out of our 5 senses are used when learning how to swing a golf club. Sight (or observing), and sound, (or listening to the spoken word), make up about 20% … So what makes up the other 80%?

The other 80% is FEEL. Try to imagine how quickly you could learn the pro swing if you could FEEL what is that they do! Not just once, but every day!

Swing Eagle does just that. Unlike any other golf swing aid Swing Eagle guides both your hands and the club on the same basic swing plane employed by the top touring golf professionals.


Swing Eagle grips your club just below your hands and then guides both your hands and the club on exactly the same basic plane employed by most touring and teaching golf professionals. This is a big departure from other golf swing aids.

Swing Eagle guides your motion and when combined with the complementary training program, will help you retrain your brain and gradually start implementing a pro swing.


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If you get lessons or intend to do so, then we encourage you to continue. By practicing the correct swing in between lessons, you will turbocharge every lesson you subsequently receive.

Even without lessons, Swing Eagle is your best choice to get your swing plane on track and to start enjoying all the benefits that go hand in hand with that.

From the day you install Swing Eagle, no practice will be wasted because Swing Eagle keeps you on the exact swing path that you need to be on.

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