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Turbo Charge your Swing

“For the first time ever feel what makes a great golf swing!”

Do you hit the ball really well one day only to hit it terribly the next? Ever taken lessons but the same old habits return?

For all the tips, pictures and videos in the world, none of them can give you the experience of swinging like a professional golfer. But Swing Eagle does.

With 1 minute of daily training, Swing Eagle recalibrates your mind and body to swing with improved accuracy and distance like never before.

The Product

Swing eagle will be available in wall-mounted and free-standing options.

Featuring unparalleled quality at an affordable price, Swing Eagle leverages over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience to deliver the best golf trainer on the market.

Future options such as an outdoor cover and additional accessories are also planned.

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Did you know the club head of your driver travels 17 metres (56ft”) in 1.4 seconds at an impact speed of over 150km/hr during the backswing, downswing and follow through of a single golf swing? If you think about it, that’s a pretty impressive statistic!

It also explains why your brain finds it hard to process all the corrections you need to make to your swing and execute it within a short 1.4 second timeframe. No wonder it’s hard to hit consistently great shots.

So what is it about the professionals that makes their swing so much better than the average club golfer? Whilst there are different swings, such as Bubba Watson and Jim Furyk, when we examined the swing of most touring pros we found had basic swing elements that are common to all.

Unlike any other golf swing aid Swing Eagle guides both your hands and the club on the same basic swing plane used by the top tour golf professionals.


Swing Eagle grips your club just below your hands and then guides both your hands and the club on exactly the same basic plane employed by most touring and teaching golf professionals. This is a big departure from other golf swing aids.

Swing Eagle guides your motion and when combined with the complementary training program, will help you retrain your brain and gradually start implementing a pro swing.

About the Inventor

Swing Eagle’s inventor is a single marker, club golfer. He never has been and never will claim to be a golf professional! What he does have however, is a thorough approach to product design and he’s a lateral thinker.

Tim Kierath is widely known as the founder of Hoselink, an online company specialising in patented world leading garden hose fittings that are reliable and burst-free. Using his knowledge of product design and the talents of some of the original Hoselink design engineers, Tim has spent the last 10 years of his spare time perfecting his Swing Eagle design.

Tim didn’t want just any product that did half the job. He wanted to design a revolutionary trainer that would genuinely mimic the swing of touring golf professionals such as Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day.

Tim started by closely analysing the swings of the top professionals but found that even with extreme slow motion it was difficult to pin down exactly what it was they do. There were many variants on designs over the years, none of which satisfied Tim’s exacting requirements, then one morning inspiration struck and he went back to the drawing board with his design team to come up with Swing Eagle’s current design.

Tim is excited to finally be able to bring this new golfing technology to market as he firmly believes that by improving a golfers’ skills, that more enjoyment can be had from the game.



We are currently in the final stages of testing initial designs for our initial production run.
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