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The Product

The first version of Swing Eagle is a wall mounted (ideally internally) frame that can be attached to your garage or house wall. It will be accompanied by a video tutorial to guide you through the process of improving your swing and being able to use it consistently.

Designed for the average golfer, Swing Eagle will be affordably priced. Future options such as floor mount, outdoor cover and other accessories are also in the pipeline.

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About the Inventor

Swing Eagle’s inventor is a single marker, club golfer. He never has been and never will claim to be a golf professional! What he does have however, is a thorough approach to product design and he’s a lateral thinker.

Tim Kierath is widely known as the founder of Hoselink, an online company specialising in patented world leading garden hose fittings that are reliable and burst-free. Using his knowledge of product design and the talents of some of the original Hoselink design engineers, Tim has spent the last 10 years of his spare time perfecting his Swing Eagle design.

Tim didn’t want just any product that did half the job. He wanted to design a revolutionary trainer that would genuinely mimic the swing of touring golf professionals such as Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day.

Tim started by closely analysing the swings of the top professionals but found that even with extreme slow motion it was difficult to pin down exactly what it was they do. There were many variants on designs over the years, none of which satisfied Tim’s exacting requirements, then one morning inspiration struck and he went back to the drawing board with his design team to come up with Swing Eagle’s current design.

Tim is excited to finally be able to bring this new golfing technology to market as he firmly believes that by improving a golfers’ skills, that more enjoyment can be had from the game.

Don't ditch the coach.

If you get lessons or intend to do so, then we encourage you to continue. By practicing the correct swing in between lessons, you will turbocharge every lesson you subsequently receive.

Even without lessons, Swing Eagle is your best choice to get your swing plane on track and to start enjoying all the benefits that go hand in hand with that.

From the day you install Swing Eagle, no practice will be wasted because Swing Eagle keeps you on the exact swing path that you need to be on.

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