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Yes, Swing Eagle works equally well for both left and right-handed golfers. Left-handed golfers simply install a left-handed club into the Club Holder.
We do not recommend installing one of your playing clubs into the Swing Eagle Club Holder. The reason for this is that it takes around 10 minutes or so to install a club into the club holder. Ideally, you will want to practice on your Swing Eagle for at least 30 seconds per day so you do not want to be installing and uninstalling the club.
Yes, the club holder is included. It is also offered as an accessory to enable additional players to use your Swing Eagle. This applies where the additional user requires a club that is different to yours. E.g. A woman’s club, a child’s club, or where a woman’s club is installed, a male user may want to use a male club.
Yes, your Swing Eagle can be returned within 3 months of purchase for any reason. NB. Without the original box, it will be virtually impossible to transport back to us, therefore a condition of return is that it is packed back into the original box(s) that are designed to protect it in transit. Therefore it is important that you retain the box for the first 3 months if you think that you may want to return it. Please note: if you are sending the Swing Eagle back to our warehouse, shipping is at the customer’s expense.
The Wall Mount Model uses the wall as the structural element and therefore requires fewer components. The Freestanding Model requires 2 additional Braces, 2 longer Vertical Legs + 2 additional Floor Legs. The position of the Wall Mount Model is fixed, whereas the Freestanding Model can be easily moved.
Yes, simply attach the 2 Vertical Legs to the wall, using 4 x 10mm Spacers (not supplied) between the vertical legs and the wall. This provides clearance for the Sliding Height Adjuster Brackets to move up and down.
No, we do not stock the additional components required to do this.

Yes, Swing Eagle must be configured to suit the large range of people for which it has been designed. For example, it can be configured to suit a child as young as 7 years old up to tall players.

This is done in three steps:

  1. Adjust the hoop angle to a suggested 70° as a starting point.
  2. Adjust to your Swing Radius via Club Holder/Radius Adjuster Arm by holding outwards the 2 Spring Loaded Tabs. This enables the swing radius to be changed. For a child, slide the bracket upwards to the top hole, thereby reducing the swing radius. All for someone very tall slide the bracket downwards to the last hole, thereby increasing the swing radius. Experiment with this for your swing. If you are feeling cramped up increase the radius or alternatively if you feel that it is pulling you from one side to the other, then you should reduce the radius. Ideally set it to a slightly bigger radius than you need thereby encouraging you to make a wider swing arc.
  3. After the above two adjustments have been made check the distance between the floor and the bottom of the club. The bottom of the club should be about 50 mm off the floor and this is achieved by sliding up or down SLIDING HEIGHT ADJUSTERS on the Vertical Legs.

Please refer to this document for more details.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most difficult, it is a 5. The main thing is to allow plenty of time – say up to 1.5 hours. Then, follow the Assembly Guide closely, while at the same time referring regularly to the Fully Assembled Swing Eagle / Part names diagram.

For the Freestanding Model, no additional tools are needed. They are provided in the box.

For the Wall Mount Model, the two vertical legs must be mounted to the wall via 4 screws. If the wall is masonry it will have to be drilled with a 10mm masonry drill bit. The Wall Plugs and screws are provided.

Yes, as well as a Magnet that holds the Spanner. The magnet is fixed to the top side of the Hoop Arm via double-sided tape.
Yes, it does matter. The wheels are located slightly offset to mimic the hoop arc. If the carriage is mounted so that the arc of the hoop and the arc of the wheels do not coincide, then the carriage will not slide freely.
We recommend that your Swing Eagle be located indoors or at least undercover. There are 12 wheels on the carriage all of which run on bearings. We believe that if water penetrates these bearings it may reduce their life. Having said that, we do sell a waterproof cover that would certainly assist greatly if the only option is to locate your Swing Eagle outside.
Yes, we fully support the concept of getting lessons from a good teaching Pro. By having a Swing Eagle where you can train on it daily, your lessons will be turbo-charged because you can practice without the dreaded “drifting back to bad habits” that occurs after lessons.