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  • Guides Hands and Club on the Pro Swing
  • Instruction Video – 8 lessons via a link on our Website.
  • A Wall mounted bracket locates the Swing Eagle twin Hoop at any height or angle to suit adult men or women.
  • Swing Radius adjustable to suit most adult men & women.
  • The Twin Hoop guides a carriage that runs smoothly on the Hoop track.
  • Carriage grips the club handle just below the hands and guides both the hands AND the club on the ideal swing planes.
  • Promotes correct hip turn – discourages hip slide.


Product Dimensions
Depth (off wall)1.8m
Box Dimensions
Shipping Weight17.5kg


Swing Eagle
A quality piece of engineering and a brilliant way of feeling for the right swing, rather than guessing through poor practice. The website videos are an excellent compliment to the Swing Eagle.
on 10 November 2018
Best Golf Invention Ever Made
As a golfer who hit left his whole life and was forced to give up the game due to poor technique, the Swing Eagle has reinvigorated my love of the game. 5 mins per day to groove the perfect swing. Muscle memory is what this product promotes, so getting in my reps makes me hit it solid all day....especially down the stretch!
on 13 August 2018

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